Telephone sales service

Telephone sales is a service that sells your products or services straight to the customer via telephone.
Managing an enterprise is a very costly affair. managers often look for avenues to outsource processes if they are cost-effective and economical. Other than cost-effectiveness, customer gratification is a large concern for many businesses.
Using telephone sales services remains still one of the most effective means and methods for reaching out to new customers. The ability of telephone sales companies to use cold calling technique is one of its strongest assets. There are many guidelines that telephone sales companies have to follow when there are about embark on a campaign.
In order to run a successful campaign, the telesales services must define what the goals are, set benchmarks and continuously evaluate the outcome.
telephone sales not only allows you to increase the number of your customers but also to hold a fixed and fruitful customer relationship with your available customers.

Because everything is done over the phone, our sedentary experts in the distance selling business know how to convince customers and also generate more sales from your them.
The most important rule to follow when conducting a telesales campaign is that you want to make sure that the client list is good and suitable. That is to say that it is accurate and up to date. You do not want agents wasting time and resources contacting clients that have no interest in the product or service you have to offer.

Direct Sales

Telephone sales agents contact existing customers and new prospects to attempt to sell products or services. They use a database to recognize customers who have bought a product in the past or future whose profiles show that they are likely to buy. They also use a script that provides responses to common queries that contacts might ask. Using a telephone sales team to sell immediately to customers can enhance sales and decrease the expense of sales, compared with the cost of a field sales group.

Order Processing

Sales managers may also use their telephone sales team to manage repeat orders of products from available customers. This can decrease the time a field sales team expenses on repeat sales, giving them more time to focus on developing new business. Telephone sales agents can offer customers additional products or services when they call to place orders. They use scripts that include information on related products or services.

Customer Service

Telephone sales agents carry out important customer service duties. They call customers to check their information and update contact records. They also allow customers know about new products or promotions that are related to their queries or preferences. If customers have queries about delivery of product quality, telesales agents answer the inquiries. They will also call customers after a sale to check whether they are satisfied with their purchase. Customer service calls help to improve customer relationships and increase customer retention.

Updated campaign strategies

Marketing messages managed via television, radio or the Internet can absence immediacy since marketing campaigns were designed a long time ago and have just been newly performed. With telephone sales services, there is no requirement for such provision. Other marketing means demand categorical graphic outputting and sometimes, wide work on scripts and other preparations. Promotions conducted with Live salespeople can commitment fresh and updated marketing messages that can be improved timely before the campaign begins.

Direct customer linkage

Outbound telephone sales can be used separate from just announcing marketing messages. It has the advantage of generating immediate feedback or response from customers over any other way of advertising. Customers know that their problems or concerns are heard and handle by a human being rather than asking or complaining in an email or text messages which is seldom responded to, or worse, replied by an automated responder. This human aspect of telesales provides the customers the comfort of knowing that the company acknowledges and is occupied with their concerns.

Vast array of capabilities

Whether inbound or outbound, telesales provides businesses so many features because of direct connection between companies and customer. Telesales services include specialized marketing services or options. Phone-based marketing can be consumed to record orders, process orders, take reservations, response overflow calls, behavior surveys, prepare technical assistance, collect debts etc. in addition, it is a great business tool for lead generation, appointment planning or events.

why choose us ?

Telesales services can be appropriated to fit your needs and budgets, and offer
options ranging from phone answering services to full marketing packages that make marketing activities easier to plan, implement and manage for businesses.

Qualified/ Experienced and Friendly agents who are well trained for polite demeanor are engaged in our telesales projects. These agents have years of experience in the industry.

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Key Benefits of our services

We always consider appropriative training session for each project you expect to occupy our agents on, to certify that our agents are educated enough to communicate with your customers about your products/ services as well.
Our TeleSales services are designed for businesses with products and services requiring a complex sales process. our agents are well educated and strictly trained in the business sales ability necessary to reach intention markets and nurture them from primary contact to close of the final sale. agents are specifically recruited and trained to meet the needs of your business.
we help you in optimizing your sales efforts and in accumulating new customers by offering customize telesales services in our call center.

Much more than a telesales call center, we bring you all our expertise in customer relationship outsourcing to support and advise you throughout the implementation of your telesales actions through

By optimizing your sales force budget and avoiding unnecessary travel costs for your sales people, distance selling is the perfect way to save time, money and maximize the profitability of your marketing campaigns and plans.
Through proven sales techniques, recognized know-how with our customers, our telesales team is results-oriented. The success of the telesales service at ABCallcenter Marketing is founded on the skill of our callers, the rate of calls, the need to provide a beneficial encounter for the potential client and of course, the ability to convert calls into sales.