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Online chat ( Live Chat )

online chat / Live Chat is an online customer service software with analytics capabilities.
It’s also a great insight into customer service trends that will help you plan your goals and priorities.
Having live chat on your website helps you generate leads through easy contact.
Nowadays, when it goes about customer support live chat becomes No.1 customers’ choice. It has a range of advantages over other channels that customers use to engage with business. It is quick, serves customers in real time and can be a powerful tool to convert users into buyers or satisfy requests of standing clients. However, processing a dynamic live support system requires financial investments and staff resources.

Online chat

Offer online chat in customer support services

Cost Effective

Businesses are always trying to find a cost-effective customer service solution. Live chat is the best way to accumulate money.
A live chat support tool is comparatively cheap to implement in your website. In addition, live chat is considered the best communication channel for customer service because of its profits Live chat offers real-time services to the customers and thus, it saves a great amount of money.

Competitive Advantage

Live chat is new technology. Most of the businesses do not use it and others do not offer live chat 24/7.
Use live chat and quality customer services as your brand’s major specifications. There’s some customers that prefer better experience to anything else. If you know the rules of the customer services, no one can beat you. Customers decide whether a company actually offers premier customer service or not. Use live chat and take your business to another level.

Time Saving

Imagine the time you can retain as a company when you use a live chat. This is not just about the time you save but it also saves your customer’s time.
When you check results you will realize that live chat beats pretty much every other customer service channel, in terms of average response time in huge dimensions.
This means you can solve more than 60 customer tickets in an hour with one customer live chat agent.

Online chat

Why choose ABCallcenter (Safir Abi Aram)?

ABCallcenter has about a decade of experience in providing various outsourcing solutions to clients. Our efficient online chat support services will ensure greater customer care and developed profits for your business.

Trained Agents

Advanced training & ongoing learning process ensures that live chat professionals are well trained and examined to every details of your business.

Trusted Domains

You can use the special domains that are authenticated for chat conversations. Only those domains will be allowed to implement your chat. If someone tries to add your chat to any website outside your trusted list, it won’t work there.
Based on mentioned points you can give your business Live Chat service to ABCallcenter and you will see increased customer satisfaction as well as reduced costs.

Efficient Team

Ameliorate the productivity of your sales and service with the customer engagement solutions. Deliver a better customer engagement by solving customer queries at the moment that it creates

ABCall Center Along with outbound and inbound call services ,  is the leading provider of  live chat services.