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ABCallcenter inbound call center services primarily focuses on aggrandize business and profits for customers. We are focused on customer service above all else. We serve as a knowledge base for tech support, billing questions, and other customer service issues. For us, quick call resolution times and agent productivity are the key metrics of success.
When business reaches a point where it is tough to manage the client’s upcoming phones and queries, it is rational to choose a call center company to ensure persistent support because in this competitive business world, organizations cannot afford to overlook customer satisfaction.

Until customers have their calls or queries quickly answered by an executive real time it ensures that they stay loyal to your company.

Our inbound call services are based on premiere product and industry science garnered over the years of experience that we possess in the call center services industry. Our experience in inbound call management provide us to meet the requirements of our call center customers.

In addition, Safir Abi Aram customer service team helps clients transform the customer service from a cost into a profit center. We know how to strategize the call center customer service workflow to increase fertility. Our abundant experiences in welcome call, win-back, retention, up-sell, and cross-sell have gained high level satisfaction from lots of clients.

Why Your Business Needs an Inbound Call Center?

When it comes to customer service, there are certain aspects that cause an inordinate amount of frustration to customers. Some of these include:

Having a high quality inbound call center will ensure that you are able to address all of these and do so much more to attain customer satisfaction and retain customer loyalty.

The Benefits of an Inbound Call Center

By working with an inbound call center, your company will profit in a number of several ways:

Your customers will be able to get help or answers to questions more quickly and your overall customer satisfaction increased.

Customers may make more calls outside of business hours because it’s more convenient for them and they know they can rely on your after-hours call center team.

Powerful inbound customer support will enhance customer loyalty and decrease the chance that your customers will be lured away by your competitors.

Customers will be more presumably to recommend your business to others if you have a powerful inbound call support system.

Why outsource inbound call center services?

Today, for enterprises across the globe outsourcing call center service is a key component used to attract and retain customers and has become an important strategic objective. Not only outsourcing call center services help companies to focus on their core competencies, but they also offer industry expertise and experience to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to improve bottom lines drastically.
Below are main benefits of working with a customer service BPO:

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  1. 1

    Investing in BPO saves you not only money, but also time. In long term, BPOs are going to bring more benefit and produce higher income than you have ever expected. The help you get with the reduction of the work load gives you enough time to dedicate your skill to build and empower your business. Therefore, indirectly, it is considered as one of the smartest investments, when you address to achieve long- term goals and better durability in the market.

  2. 2
    Increases Customer Satisfaction

    The purpose of BPO services is to provide quality staffs to their hiring businesses, to make their investments valuable. To win the competition, you need to stay in the mind of your customers. Imagine your company as one that customers can’t stop recommending or introducing because your employees are doing an amazing job. With the participation of these specialists, you can expect a better customer satisfaction which is useful for your successful existence. BPOs have a team of qualified members who are professionally trained to produce results for you in your favorable path.

  3. 3
    Costs Reduction

    Everything about running a call center is costly. Customer service representatives based in your office require equipment and space, which can be extremely expensive. Maintaining the latest and greatest technology (software and equipment) to keep the call center at a competitive benefit is also no easy job. Fortunately, when you outsource, you are leaving all of these tasks, and expenses to your outsourcing provider. Outsourcing omits those costs. look for authentic customer service BPOs that have the expertise and experience to hire top talent, provide excellent training, and scale your team as your company grows.

  4. 4
    Access Specialized Expertise

    Customer service BPOs are expert in managing and also understanding customer service processes. A customer service BPO has access to a vast reservoir of specialized talent. That means they understand key customer service metrics. They know how to design phone trees, customer retention strategies. The good thing about outsourcing is you have instant access to people who have the knowledge, skill and training needed to successfully handle customer service calls and queries.

Why choose ABCallcenter?

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

The inbound call center solutions come with the automatic call distribution (ACD) that aids in efficiently handling the call volume and also utilize the agent access to the perfect result. To handle the call volume, ACD is an inevitable part of inbound call centers.

An automatic way to handle the incoming calls by directing them to an automated response and give customers various options to choose from. IVR is also used as a self-help tool because it leads a customer to a solution with their own efforts.

Call Center Software

High Quality Services

Call center software makes a construction portal to perform every call related activity. It is designed to support the agents by making all the information and tools handy.

We suggest you the best reporting system, a fast response to any market situations, call monitoring features, operator’s efficiency reports and quality insurance for our services.
We follow a precise quality assurance (QA) method to ensure unique quality in our operations.

Professional Inbound Call Center Agents

24/7 Support

Our experienced agents can handle any kind of inbound call in any type of condition. We have a team of experienced agents who are dedicated solely to customer service. They are trained experts who converse to customer’s daily basis. They understand the nuances that come with dealing with customers and provide a puissant voice for your company as it ingeminate to customer service.

Our very own reps hold extraordinary expertise in responding to the problems reported by our customers. To present an essential professionalism, they are well-trained in every sight of an inbound call center. They have adequate experience in interacting with the customers with patience and presence of mind.

We can equip your company with 24/7 inbound call center services all over the year, so you can always be sure that your customers’ calls will be responded even on weekends and vacations.
by this persistent help assurance, your customers do not need to edit their regular schedule in order to contact your company as the services are continual, customers can make the calls at any hour of the day and night. The customers residing in other countries with varied time-zones do not have to worry about the time factor. This is the biggest property of collaborating with us. It is the master key to a lengthful sequence of satisfied customers.

Rich experience

Improve Productivity

For more than 9 years our team is dedicated to create a call center that will help improve the customer’s satisfaction rate for different industries.

For businesses looking to make a mark in their market, it’s essential that they operate with the highest levels of productivity. This means allowing employees to manage the jobs they do best without worrying about doubling their tasks as customer service agents.

Increased Customer Satisfaction Rate

Increase in Customer Retention

Our trained agents will manage your customer relationships with the maximum professionalism and honor, leading to proliferate customer loyalty and better brand image on the market.
There are many sights to maintenance a customer satisfied, and delivering a quality product is just one of those variables. Our inbound call center agent is able to measure the pulse of the customer and understand what they want, need, and expect from the company.

Customer retention is essential to the health of any business. Preservationing customers is significantly less expensive than acquiring new ones. Current customers are also noteworthy because they’ve already shown that they are invested in your company and its products or services. We have a thoroughbred team of inbound agents that know the value of each customer and work to certify they are satisfied each step of the way.

Cost Savings


For a business, hiring its own inbound customer service proceedings comes at a cost. In addition to paying each individual hire, company should calculate the time and cost it takes to train these agents. It’s hard to predict call volume with companies that are still in their growth period. With an outsourced inbound call center, your expenses either stay the same or possibly decrease depending on call volume.
Instead of funding your resources in setting up a new foundation and hiring advanced equipment to facilitate the administration of an inbound call center, it is better to outsource your services to a company like us. We have the most economical support services that is appropriate to your budget.

Whether you’re just starting your company or have been in business for years, you should get used to these two words: “Customer – Focused”. More than ever, companies must not just be product-focused but customer-focused as well if they want to survive. Having a quality product is just the starting and no longer good enough on its own to hold a business or increase growth. We help companies pay close attention to customers’ needs. By effectively engaging with customers, businesses can ensure their customers’ queries are always solved and they stay satisfied.

Managing Higher Call Volumes

Enhance the Speed of Services

As a business, you are in a stable state of growth. With this growth come more customers, which lead to a higher number of calls. If you are not ready to manage these calls, they will be left unanswered and customers are left disappointed. This is not how you want to behave your customers. Working with us means no call goes unanswered. You can feel convenient with fluctuating growth knowing you have a team of best agents on your side on the way.

What bothers customers more than anything is when they call in to a company and their service is slow. Every minute they spend waiting on the phone adds to their disappointment and weakens their feeling of the competency of your business. Working with us means you’ll have a team that realize how to get to the root of customer’s issues and rapidly find a solution.

Information Security

Bilingual Language

Protecting our customers and their customers is main service we supply. From the most proven security storage to the strict caller security protocols, all data prepared by our telephone or our agents is kept safe secured.

ABCallcenter endeavors to support customers reach their full potential across the globe. Our multi-language support selection means that our customers can build relationships with international and local customers without the limitation of language barriers.


Today one factor of customer service that can’t be deny is the technology. In this techno-savvy world where nearly every usual human being is drowned with the modern gadgets, it is definitely a bad idea to not implement them in business. Using technology means businesses create a better experience for their customers. ABCallcenter gives you access to the latest communication technology without having to purchase and hold it yourself. We have installed state-of-the-art tools and technologies to raise the customer support services for easing the process and offering tranquility to the customer.

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