Being green is smart not only because it helps the planet, but as well because it can keep the contact center money. A plan to decrease waste and maximum use of any source is a essential part of any good business strategy, however it’s easy to concentrate on the big things that It is very much seen at the green contact center ,  forgetting that the little things add up, as well.

As a professional contact center (call center), you may be thinking that a green plan should be led by Chief level managers. Or maybe you are thinking that since the contact center (call center) does not make pollution or use energy like factories do, being green doesn’t exactly concern to your area of the business. But being green is everybody’s responsibility, and there are numerous things a  green contact center (green call center) can do on the field.

While being green in the contact center (call center) is the correct thing to do, not everybody knows how to do it. Here’s a list of best tips recommended by environmental experts and used by best green contact centers:

Tips On Green Contact Center


Stop printing nonessential reports

This will lessen the quantity of paper usage. Reduce the number of reports used by the contact center (call center) is a realistic objective, as it’s probably that at least 50% are either necessary or not used at all.


Use a home agent plan

This is one of the greenest things a  green contact center can do. Allow agents to work from home decrease not only air pollution, greenhouse gases and gasoline, it cuts down remarkably on the power needed to heat, cool and light big buildings and run IT equipment.

Moreover, working at home plan enable contact centers (call centre) to add agents as the business grows without having to increase existing facilities


Accept e-learning

E-learning is green learning. First of all, it’s paperless, and when you are talking about big contact centers (call center) with more than of 500 agents, removing the need to constantly print and distribute paper-based training materials can save trees of jungles.