Cloud Call Center

A cloud call center is a web-accessible platform for managing customer calls and Call center  can be accessed from approximately anyplace, removing the need for a physical base, which may lessen operational costs and rise scalability to support progressive customer experience strategies.

Call centers of all sizes and kinds are considering moving to cloud call center Indeed, many call center industry analysts forecast that more than 70% of call centers will use a hosted platform by 2014For decades, call center managers have increased the efficiency of their staff and make sure the call “receives answered” with vast-supported, fully-featured, on-site systems or with mixture of equipment and software, including phone systems, automatic call distributor (ACDs), reporting solutions, workforce management and recording devices.

Cloud Call Center

Since customers keep to increase their use of email, chat, social and etc. to connect with businesses, the requirement to modernize the call center is essential. A cloud-based call center is a modern choice to on-premise call centers using the most recent in communications technology. It provides many benefits to businesses who want to constantly reach and exceed their customers’ expectations.

Business and call centers managers, however, are transferring to the cloud not because of attributes, but for the benefits.


lessen Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Equipment and software used by the call center must be purchased or rent, depreciated, repair for bugs, upgraded every year, maintained by on-site staff, and finally, replaced. In return, Cloud services are commonly offered as a “per user” or “per feature” monthly expense, without primary huge costs Considering the lifetime of most on-site equipment, a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can simply be realized over five, seven or even 10 years.

Since there are no huge investments in the hardware of cloud-based centers, these systems don’t have significant launching costs. The only costs that cloud-based systems need is a powerful internet connection since everything is cloud-based. Cloud solutions are extremely cost-effective for setting up cloud call center, as they decrease notably the upfront costs that on-premise solutions generally need.



Using an on-site call center solution like home agent plan and providing same tools can be complicated and costly. The main contact center location needs extra bandwidth, security devices and entrance to support them. And the whole solution needs management, maintenance and support.

Based on the above, cloud call center  ignore geography, containing the location of agents. Agents can transfer their office phone to their home phone, take a phone home and plug it into a broadband connection, even accept automatic call distributer calls on their Smartphones. And without considering of their location, their supervisor can monitor calls and manage their condition.

Cloud-based systems let the agents to work remotely just with the relying on a strong internet connection, so offering a 360-degree customer support as and when needed regardless of their geographic locations.