Business Process management of organization

What is Business Process management in general?

Business Process Management (BPM) contains designing, automation, implementation, control, measurement and optimization of corporation function flows, in support of company goals, employees, customers and partners within and outside the optimization borderlines.
BPM is a method of looking at and then controlling the processes that are in an organization. It is an effective methodology to use in times of crisis to make sure that the processes are efficient and effective, as this will result in a powerful and more cost efficient organization.
The term business process management is how we study, recognize, change, and monitor business processes to ensure they run fluently and can be better over time. Mostly framed in terms of the daily flow of work – and yes, “workflow” usually does fit under the process improvement umbrella – it is a momentous piece since no or poor procedure really degrades your ability to get at and leverage information.

BPM is an activity – BPM is something you do, not a thing you buy or own. It is described in many definitions as a practice.
BPM is about improving processes – It presumes the opinion that you view company as a set of processes, and BPM is the act of improving those processes.

What are benefits of business process management solution?

A Business Process Management (BPM) solution to a company’s needs begins with the alignment of business goals with an eye toward creating value through process change initiatives. This alignment leads to a complete understanding and design of processes usually following an industry standard framework.
A BPM based foundation provides for complete lifecycle management of business processes, integration across technologies, and increase efficiency among employees, processes, and technologies.

Many of the point solutions on the market today really cannot future certify your solution. Unlike specific point solutions, document management, or framework-only based solutions, business process management solutions are designed and made to manage your future requirements with a flexible and efficient solution that:

For corporations seeking to become more agile and accelerate their strategy execution, BPM service tends to be an influential way to speed up application delivery.
In the digital era, connecting people, processes and technology output incredible benefits. With the right BPM service in place, processes can be easily and rapidly re-imagined and re-designed empowering the people to effectively lead changes within the organization.

Business Process Management (BPM) at ABCallcenter (Safir Abi Aram)?

our goal is to continually improve processes and workflows. We do this with a Business Process Management (BPM) methodology that includes continuous evaluation to identify levels that can be taken to improve processes.
In running call centers to being successful, you should consider call center standards:

Service Level of Call Center

Call center service level measures the Access rate of a company to their customers and the company’s capability to plan for call volume variation and implement their staffing strategy. Service level is outlined as the percentage of calls answered within a predetermined amount of time.

First Call Resolution

This is a measurement of the number of calls that are solved within that call and do not need either the customer to call back or an agent to do an outbound call to the caller with further information. This is indirectly a measurement of agent efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is a metric that evaluate the level to which your service meets customer expectations. To calculate your customer satisfaction, you will require to survey customers after each call.

Average Handle Time

Average handle time, or AHT, is an important call center KPI. from call beginning, to hold time, to talk time, and all the way through to any related jobs an agent must done.

Abandon Rate

This is a measurement of the number of inbound calls  who disconnect, or are disconnected, before they reach an agent.
We can design necessary processes to improve your call center standards as well for reaching maximum efficiency and productivity.
If you already have your call center in your company or wants to run new call center our services that can improve call center standards Impressively will help your company to achieve this goal.

our experts are educated about this function and their experiences in this industry, will assist to find splits and points that need to change as well.

In first step

they can represent the process in a visual layout. They can Fix details like deadlines and conditions to give a clear idea of the sequence of events, and the flow of data through the process.

In second step

they can execute the process by testing it live with a small group first and then open it up to all users.

In third step

they Keep their eye on the process as it runs through the workflow. All Business Process Management (BPM) will be monitored carefully to ensure that all standards observe.
This goal will be achieved with a professional quality assurance team. If you have this team in your call center group, we will train them as well and support them to ensure that all processes will be follow based on main processes.
If you do not have this team; our experts will do this task and also train qualified agents through managing the project to reach main purpose and build suitable team at the end.

In fourth step

as our experts analyze, notice any changes that need to be done to your workflow to make them more efficient. They also consider call center process improvement steps.
we use Business Process Management (BPM) software to analyze and improve its client’s processes. we can also assist call centers with the implementation of a BPM methodology as part of an overall enterprise content management solution.

Generate value quickly

Deliver measurable results

ABCallcenter combines our well-proven accelerators and assets, backed by deep industry and functional knowledge to help organizations quickly realize the value of their process management investment through positive business change.

ABCallcenter can deliver standardization, optimization, automation and innovation to business processes which leads to measurable results, both quantitative and qualitative. We can draw upon a number of specific resources to deliver measurable results.